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When should fontanelles be closed in children?


closure of fontanelles in children refers to the hardening and ossification of soft tissue in the anterior and posterior parts of the head. The fontanelle, which is soft because babies come out of the birth canal without difficulty, is of great value in terms of brain development.

  • The front of the head is 2 months from birth,
  • On the back of the head, 12 to 18 months from birth

Then it closes. Early closure of the fontanel is known to be as risky as late closure, and in case of early closure, infant development is monitored by systematic head circumference measurement.

Why does the fontanelle close early?

called craniosynostosis. Premature fontanelle closure and vitamin DIn addition to the presence of a connection in the middle, the fontanel can harden before its usual time for different reasons.

  • Use of vitamin D drops.
  • overactive parathyroid gland
  • genetic disorders,
  • Disorders of the skeletal development system,
  • hydrocephalus

These are the causes that lead to premature closure of the fontanelle. For this situation, which can cause mental retardation, medical supplements should be taken and the child’s development should be monitored frequently.

What should be done in case of fontanelle collapse?

It is also important for brain development, especially in the period when they have their first child. collapsing fontanel make them feel uncomfortable. As long as no pressure is applied, touching and washing the fontanelle does not cause any damage due to the membrane that protects the brain.

Why does the fontanelle close late?

Delayed closure of the fontanelle is called rickets due to vitamin D deficiency. It is necessary to obtain a medical basis from the nearest health institution for this condition, which indicates hypoid disorders along with vitamin D deficiency.

What to eat for the closure of the fontanelle?

Errors made in the nutritional formulas applied in infants after the first 6 months can delay the closure of the fontanel. Paying attention to foods containing vitamin D and calcium in complementary foods what to eat to close the fontanelthe question can be answered.

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