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What is REM sleep disorder? Symptoms Treatment


REM sleep behavior disorder In the problem that is mentioned as the problem, the patient is inclined to actually perform the behaviors that he performs in his dreams. While he dreams, the human body must be completely still. This condition is called physical sleep paralysis. However, people with REM sleep behavior disorder do the opposite. These patients do what they do in their dreams while they sleep. For example, hitting the wall, punching, walking or talking, etc. While these movements do not cause a random problem more than once, in some cases quite serious situations and accidents can occur. In general, REM sleep behavior disorders can happen to anyone at some point in their life. Talking, moving slightly, or muttering while sleeping is considered normal. However, the treatment should be applied in cases such as walking, moving, hurting yourself or others while sleeping. What causes REM sleep disorder? Causes of REM sleep disorder It can happen for various reasons. While REM sleep disorder can occur due to Parkinson’s disease or other illnesses, these problems can also occur in mental distress. Approximately 25% of healthy sleep is REM sleep. At this point the dreamer is completely still. The reasonable points of the brain jerk during sleep and perceive the physically real dream. However, in some patients, this situation occurs in the opposite way.

Quite risky situations like fights, punches, jumps can happen while you sleep. Who gets REM sleep disorder? Individuals with REM sleep disorder REM sleep disorders can occur in a large proportion of Parkinson’s patients. Therefore, at this point, a medical background investigation of sleep should be performed. A clinical history should be made for the treatment of the disease. It is very valuable to perform a sleep test for a definitive diagnosis. The movements that occur during sleep should be analyzed and examined by experts.

The patient should sleep in a safe place and there should be no materials around him that could harm him. In addition, once the patient’s condition and level have been determined, the most appropriate pharmacological treatment is started. Most of the time, the situation is controlled with medication.

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