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What is cerebral atrophy (cerebral atrophy)?


Cerebral atrophy or cerebral atrophy describes the loss of brain cells over time. This causes plausible areas of the brain, or the entire brain, to shrink. Brain atrophy can be the result of different conditions, including infections and injuries. Some degree of brain atrophy is typical with age.

Symptoms of brain atrophy dementia, seizures, loss of motor control, and problems with speaking, reading, and mana.

These symptoms develop gradually with age and may not be noticed until a person is older. If the atrophy is due to another cause, these symptoms may develop over a shorter period of time and may be more noticeable to you and others.

In some cases, it may be possible to prevent your brain from shrinking.

But in other cases, the atrophy worsens over time.

This article contains more information about brain atrophy, including how it occurs and how to treat it.

What is brain atrophy?
Brain atrophy refers to the progressive loss of brain cells over time.

“Atrophy” refers to the loss of cells in random body tissue, so brain atrophy is the shrinking of part or all of the brain due to brain cell death.

Brain atrophy can lead to reduced brain mass and loss of neurological function, but the exact symptoms will depend on the cause and location of the cell death.

Brain atrophy can occur due to:
Depending on the underlying cause, brain atrophy can progress very slowly or very quickly.

There is no known cure. Brain atrophy treatment focuses on treating the symptoms and complications that result from the loss of brain cells.

If you have an infection causing the atrophy, treating the infection can prevent your brain from shrinking.

There are two valuable things to know about brain atrophy.

You should always:
What are the symptoms of brain atrophy?
There are two types of symptoms associated with brain atrophy: generalized and localized.

Generalized symptoms of brain atrophy
The symptoms of generalized cerebral atrophy result from the loss of brain cells in the brain.

With this category of symptoms, you may experience brain atrophy symptoms every day or only in between.

Sometimes any of these symptoms can be serious:
Localized symptoms of brain atrophy
If cerebral atrophy is caused by loss of brain cells in a certain area of ​​the brain, you may have localized symptoms that include:

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