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What Causes Right Kidney Pain During Pregnancy?


Causes of kidney pain during pregnancyIt varies and is a common problem. kidney pain during pregnancy Although it is a frequently encountered situation, if it is caused by an infection, the possibility of harming the baby and the possibility of low probability is quite high. The kidneys are one of the most valuable organs responsible for maintaining the stability of the body. It is vital for filtering the blood and removing toxins from the body.

What are the causes of kidney pain during pregnancy?

Does kidney pain during pregnancy harm the baby? The answer to the question varies depending on the causes of kidney pain. Factors that cause kidney pain during pregnancy can be listed below;

  • Urinary tract infection: One of the main causes of kidney pain is urinary tract infection. It is most common between weeks 6 and 24 of pregnancy. Antibiotic therapy should be given for the treatment of urinary tract infection during pregnancy.
  • Kidney infection: If the urinary tract infection is not treated, it leads to a kidney infection. kidney infection right kidney pain during pregnancycan lead to serious
  • Kidney stones:When kidney stones get stuck in the urinary tract, they can cause severe kidney pain.
  • Kidney cancer: This cancer causes uncontrolled growth of cells in the kidney. One of the causes of kidney pain during pregnancy can be kidney cancer.

Ways to relieve kidney pain during pregnancy

The causes of kidney pain felt during pregnancy can differ. When felt, a doctor should definitely be consulted. With some easy-to-apply methods, it will be possible to relieve or pass kidney pain during pregnancy. These formulas can be listed as follows;

  • Lots of fluids should be consumed. It is one of the most effective methods to relieve kidney pain.
  • Using a hot water bottle is effective in reducing pain.
  • Yogurt consumption is especially beneficial for kidney infections.
  • Regular consumption of medications recommended by the doctor will be beneficial.
  • It will be useful to consume garlic, apple, cranberry juice.
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