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What causes gas during pregnancy? How are they removed?


Causes of gases during pregnancy Hormonal and physiological changes occur at first. The hormone progesterone secreted during this period causes the muscles of the digestive system to relax, and as the pregnancy progresses, the uterus grows and presses on the stomach and intestines, forming the basis of the gas problem. Located in the middle of the usual course of the pregnancy period and gas pains during pregnancyThere are ways to deal with this problem, which makes the country go through a difficult period.

In what period of pregnancy does gas pain occur?

Hormonal and physiological changes in the pregnancy period begin to be experienced from the first period of pregnancy. These changes cause gas formation to occur early in pregnancy and continue until delivery. What week does gas pain occur during pregnancy?It can be pointed out that there is a long period to deal with the gas problem by answering the question within the first 4 weeks.

What is suitable for gas pain in pregnancy?

The first way to deal with gas during pregnancy is through nutrition and regular training. Although eating little and often and not swallowing air while eating is the first step to prevent gas formation;

  • Do not consume carbonated and acidic drinks,
  • Cow’s milk is not consumed much,
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners
  • Do not go too much in the consumption of legumes such as chickpeas and dried beans,
  • End with the consumption of lentils, pickles, radishes and cabbage,
  • Avoid too spicy foods

Helps prevent gas formation caused by nutrition during pregnancy. Exercises during pregnancy, walking and moving can also prevent gas formation by speeding up the digestive system. carnivorous herbs during pregnancy Supplements can be obtained from Lemon balm, rosehip, linden, peppermint, chamomile and fennel are examples of carminative plants that will not cause any harm to the baby or mother-to-be during pregnancy. Tea prepared from these plants is suitable for gas pains as it can prevent gas formation when consumed during the pregnancy period, just as there are no two different herbal teas during the day.

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