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What are the disadvantages of using a walker?


Use of baby walkers It’s a waste because it changes the pace of the baby’s walk. In the use of the walker, the baby enjoys standing on tiptoe. In order for the walking behavior to develop, the baby has to stand on the tiptoes and move away from the walker seat, thus, foot problems and the development of an incorrect walking rhythm are observed. In addition, the walker, which is a tool that interferes with the baby’s natural walking processes, keeps the crawling involved in the natural process short, which causes the leg muscles to not develop.

Executor Damages
According to orthopedic experts, the walker reduces the walking ability of babies. The baby, who is placed in the walker to learn to walk quickly, cannot fully develop his ability to walk because the feet are not fully flat on the ground.

Sensory integrity is impaired. The fact that the baby’s feet do not fully touch the ground and cannot feel the ground alters the perception of the senses and integrity. For this reason, the baby may experience sensitivity to rough and hard surfaces, a lot of discomfort and crying.

walker He is not so faithful when he is inside. Instances of falling over are quite common as a result of the walker getting stuck somewhere or getting stuck on its wheels.

walker usersAlso, natural processes are disrupted and healthy sensory senses and body perception cannot develop in the baby who is unable to acquire behaviors such as crawling and crawling.

Materials that can be used instead of walkers
In cases where the goal is not to disrupt the natural process by rapidly walking the child, after the child slowly begins to stand up, the child walker alternativescan be offered These can be vehicles with big wheels like my first car, small cars for babies and toys with wheels that children can get behind and ride.

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