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What are the causes of menorrhagia, how is it going?


Causes of menorrhagia It negatively affects the lives of women and causes heavy menstrual bleeding. Menorrhagia, known as menorrhagia in the medical literature, refers to increased severity of bleeding during menstrual periods and the menstrual cycle exceeding 1 week. It is very difficult to detect excessive menstrual bleeding. Therefore, if the woman bleeds more than normal or if she has to change her pet every hour, it can be said that menorrhagia is the cause. The most obvious symptoms of menorrhagia are menorrhagia, which is caused by a feeling of tiredness and anemia at the same time. What causes menorrhagia (excessive menstrual bleeding)? what is menorrhagia Answering the question in the form of seeing a lot of menstrual bleeding in menstrual periods, excessive menstrual bleeding can occur in all women due to different reasons. The menstrual cycle begins to be seen in women from the age of 12 and is a process that continues until menopause. In normal cases, the menstrual cycle repeats every 28 days, but this period can also occur in the middle of 21 to 35 days. A healthy woman is expected to bleed in the middle of 60 to 80 ml in each menstrual cycle. Heavy menstrual bleeding of more than 80 ml causes menorrhagia. at menorrhagia;Such reasons cause heavy menstrual bleeding. How is menorrhagia (excessive menstrual bleeding) diagnosed? To make sense of the process of menorrhagia, the performance of some different symptoms outside of routine processes and the presence of heavy menstrual bleeding during menstrual periods are the most valuable signs to understand menorrhagia. The menstrual cycle usually takes place in the middle of 7 to 10 days in women. In this period, the intensity and extent of menstrual bleeding is not exactly the same. However, if the bleeding occurs profusely every day and this situation continues throughout your menstrual cycle, it can be said that the problem of excessive menstrual bleeding. If you have to change sanitary pads every hour during daily activities and you continue to bleed at night during your menstrual cycle, it can be said that the problem of menorrhagia is back.

Such as menstrual irregularity symptoms It will also cause heavy menstrual bleeding. It will help you understand Menorrhagia in symptoms such as always feeling tired, anemia, pain in the abdomen and groin. If you encounter these situations during your menstrual cycle, it would be beneficial for you to have a medical examination and apply the treatment method that your doctor deems necessary. How should menorrhagia be treated?Treatment of menorrhagia will be possible by making an accurate diagnosis of the disease and eliminating the conditions that cause it. menstrual irregularity treatment Contraceptive pills applied in the form of birth control help prevent menstrual bleeding that originates in the reproductive and ovarian systems.

Conditions that cause heavy menstrual bleeding are treated by providing hormonal stability with easy drug treatments. Although many women face the problem of menorrhagia as a very important problem, easy-to-analyze methods bring successful results in treatment. Tumors in the uterus that cause heavy menstrual bleeding and inflammation in the form of polyps are treated as a result of surgical interventions, and their menstrual cycle is followed by systematic gynecological examinations after surgery.

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