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What are the causes of high CRP? How to lower the level of CRP in the blood?


CRP height What are the causes? CRP, which stands for C-reactive protein, can be defined as a protein produced in the liver in the formation of inflammation in the body. The rate of CRP in the blood can be increased in many inflammatory conditions, especially infections. The usual cost of blood CRP rate should be <0.3 mg/dL. What are the causes of high CRP? PCR testIt is usually done to investigate the presence of infection in the body. What does a high CRP indicate?If you are wondering, the main infections that increase the CRP value are listed below;In general, bacterial infections cause a very high increase in the CRP value. CRP height alone shows signs of bacterial infection. In viral illnesses such as colds and flu, the price of CRP may be normal or slightly high, and this is normal. Causes of high CRP during pregnancy CRP can increase as a result of sudden changes in the body and infections. Therefore CRP elevation during pregnancy can be considered normal up to a reasonable point. If the costs of CRP alone are at high levels and no complaints are noted in the expectant mother, the test is followed up at intervals by repeating it. Since elevated CRP is not seen in all pregnant women, it may vary depending on the infection.

In cases where there is a significant increase in the level of CRP, the treatment process is started with drugs that will benefit the expectant mother. In this process, it is extremely valuable to use the medications recommended by the doctor. Otherwise, the baby may be harmed. During the pregnancy period Symptoms of elevated CRPIt is as follows; If these problems always persist, it is useful to consult a doctor. The cause of the high CRP should be investigated and the treatment process created in this case should be followed.

The treatment to be applied is created considering the health of both the mother and the baby. What does the height of CRP indicate? Does CRP drop with antibiotics? Causes Treatment! What is MPV? Is the low height of the MPV dangerous?

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