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What are the causes of eczema in the ear, how does it happen?


Causes of eczema in the ear it is quite diverse. Eczema can usually occur inside the ears or all over the body. Ear eczema is a skin rash that occurs in the ear in general and causes itchy skin. In ear eczema, all ears can be affected up to the eardrum. Ear eczema can cause discomfort, especially due to itching. How does ear eczema cause symptoms? Symptoms of ear eczema It is similar to eczema seen on other parts of the body. The symptoms of eczema are: ear eczema The symptoms in question are seen more frequently, especially in cold climates. Ear eczema is common in smokers. Also, stress and alcohol consumption, which are among the causes of ear eczema, definitely need to be stopped for the eczema to pass.

What causes ear eczema? Causes of ear eczema is not fully known. However, some conditions are known to increase risk factors for eczema. Some of the causes of ear eczema are: Treatment of ear eczema Medicines recommended by the doctor should be used for Medicines given for ear eczema can be given mainly ear drops, antifungal creams, medicines to strengthen the immune system.

In addition to these medications, vinegar and olive oil are among the systems that are sufficient for ear eczema. Dermatologists are the doctors to consult for ear eczema.

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