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What are the benefits of breast milk for the baby?


Benefits of breast milk for the baby The most valuable and well-known thing in the medium is that it helps the baby to develop. The mother makes sure that the baby receives the vitamins and minerals that the baby needs, except for vitamin D. One of the valuable bets that mothers make is to feed the baby with breast milk for as long as possible. So much above conscious mothers benefits of breast milk pretty too. beyond my word, benefits of breast milkthey are listed below;

  • Breast milk is quite easy to digest. Acute illnesses and intestinal infections are relatively rare in breastfed infants compared to formula-fed infants.
  • The colostrum component, known as colostrum milk, is present in breast milk for 4 to 5 days after the mother gives birth. This aspect greatly improves the immunity of the baby. No other element can take the place of colostrum.
  • Breast milk reduces the chance that babies will develop obesity in the future. If a child who drinks breast milk has a lot of weight, it is not because of breast milk.
  • As the baby suckles breast milk, both the baby and the mother secrete the hormone of satisfaction. Thanks to the hormone of satisfaction, both the mother and the baby are filled with peace. It also contributes to the spiritual development of the baby due to the contentment hormone it secretes at the same time.

Up to what age should a baby be fed breast milk?
How long the baby should be breastfed 2 years, according to expert statements. From the moment of birth it should be fed only breast milk for 6 months, and from 6 months it should be fed both breast milk and complementary foods until 2 years of age.

What are the foods that increase breast milk?
Foods that increase breast milkthey are mostly plants . Plants that produce milk in the mother. Yes; fennel, basil and nettle.

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