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The Way to Grow Avocado at Home


Can avocados be grown indoors? We are investigating if it is possible and how to grow avocados for the best results if possible.

Nothing like avocado on toast for breakfast. Avocados are high in fat, but they are monounsaturated fats (the healthy kind) and also contain many vitamins.

Is it easy to grow avocado at home?

Growing avocados in pots is fun and educational. Although they tend to grow more smoothly in warmer climates, they can be grown successfully with a little knowledge. Do you want to know how to grow avocados at home? We have written everything you need to know below, read on…

How to grow the avocado plant indoors?

If you like the idea of ​​growing your own avocado from fruit you buy at the supermarket, there are several ways to do it. In any case, the first step is to remove the seeds as gently as possible and wash the pieces of fruit that have adhered to it with warm water.

1. Use a toothpick

The most familiar procedure for sprouting a new plant from this seed is to pierce it with a toothpick. First, look at the seed to understand which end comes out the top. Roots grow from the base of the seed. The bottom end is flatter, while the top end is a bit more pointed. The arrangement of the seed within the fruit gives you a convenient clue as to the top and bottom. The top is near the stem end of the fruit. Once you’ve worked out the top and bottom problem, insert three or four toothpicks into the outer edges of the core. These chopsticks should be able to soak the seed in a glass of water. Gently turn it upside down. Change the water once a week.

When it reaches a height of about 30 cm, you can cut it to a length of 15 cm to make it more bushy instead of long and thin.

How long does it take for an avocado fruit to grow?

If you are interested in producing fruit, it is important that the plants bear fruit. it could take ten years and you should know that many of those grown from seed as houseplants will not live that long. However, when the plant is mature and over a meter tall, you should encourage it to flower by scratching the bark surface of the stalk or stem with a knife.

If it flowers later, the fruit needs pollination, so you can take advantage of the pot placed outside in a sunny spot to attract insects during the day. The fruit can take over a year to develop from the flowers and must be left on the tree until the bark turns purple and then harvested to ripen.

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