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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!


food is love say the Italians. The Turks say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…

They are the most summarized phrases that describe sexual life.

In fact, food is food, but it passes through the stomach and even through the taste of women, not just men.

you will know how to eat
The diet, the regimen, especially the sentence “I pay attention to what I eat” determines whether the person is sexually desired and sexually desired.

Dieting is in direct parallel with refraining from sexuality. You may experience long emotional or romantic bonds, but your body is on a diet for sexual pleasure.

The more you like to eat, the more you like to eat, in sexuality you give so much pleasure Knowing what food to eat with your hand and what dish to eat with a fork or spoon, and eating with true flavor is more valuable than the laws of etiquette and diets.

Turn what you eat into love
Although the mental intention seems impossible for people, if you eat with true love and think that food does not harm you, you will gain weight and be in your ideal body forever.

pleasure of meals It is directly related to the pleasure received from sexuality.

Any food you like, loves you too. It offers extra flavor to add pleasure and charm to your body. The taste that a person gives to sexuality can be understood from eating, drinking coffee and enjoying food.

The food you eat, your choice, is about what flavors you want and don’t want.

In fact, eat the foods and meals you like and try it for just 1 month and you will see the pleasure of the change.

However, if you think it’s a rush to gain weight or it’s bad for your health, it just becomes weight.

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