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The time and process of weaning the baby from the breast


Cut the baby from the breast It should be expected to be 2 years old. Only the first 6 months breast milk It should be given. Later, additional food can be given to the baby. of the chest It is necessary not to leave the topic of cutting to the baby’s initiative. Because babies may want to breastfeed for less than 2 years and sometimes for more than 2 years.

Tips to make breastfeeding easier

breast-feedingHere are some tips that make the cutting process easier:

  • The baby should not be suddenly weaned. It should be cut back gradually over a period of several weeks.
  • In this period, the lactation period should be shorter than in the past.
  • The number of nursing should be gradually reduced. In fact, instead of this reduced number of feedings, another nutrient should be given so that the baby sees it as an alternative.
  • When the baby rejects the bottle that the mother gives him, he should not be breastfed. Instead, try giving your baby another bottle.
  • When the baby is given a bottle, just like when breastfeeding, the mother should keep the baby close to her. Therefore, the baby must feel that cutting off the breast will not cause a decrease in maternal love.
  • During the weaning period; The mother should contact the baby and explain her situation by speaking.

What should be considered when cutting the baby from the breast?

Some of the things to keep in mind when weaning the baby from the breast are:

  • The baby should not be allowed to treat the mother’s breast as if it were a pacifier.
  • Breastfeeding should not be used to help the baby calm down or sleep.
  • When trying to separate the baby from the breast, especially the baby must be full of love and affection.
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