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Swelling After Ear Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Swelling behind the ear is most commonly caused by swollen lymph nodes, an ear infection caused by bacteria, fungus, or a virus. More than one person with swollen glands behind the ear may experience pain or headaches behind the ear. In most cases, if the swelling occurs gradually over time and is not particularly bothersome, it resolves on its own and we recommend some residential treatments below. However, if accompanied by fever, pain, or worsening redness, see an ENT specialist.

Symptoms of swelling behind the ear.

A lump behind the ear is an unusual growth and may be described as a lump.
While it can be alarming to find a new lump on your body, swelling behind the ear is usually harmless, but in some cases it can be a sign of something significant that should be evaluated and treated by a medical professional.

Common accompanying symptoms include:

Swelling behind the ear may also be associated with:
What causes swelling behind the ear?
The mastoid, a bony structure behind the ear, can sometimes be a source of swelling.

Other structures in this area include blood vessels, lymph nodes, and superficial skin behind the ear, which can cause swelling in the middle. Some causes of posterior ear swelling are minor and may resolve on their own, but you should be examined by a healthcare professional who can determine the correct diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment technique.

inflamed Swelling behind the ear can be caused by inflammation, which is the body’s usual response to injury or infection.

Usually, swelling of the skin indicates a skin infection of various types.

systemic diseaseSome diseases or conditions are systemic, meaning they can affect many parts of the body, including behind the ears.

Abnormal growth:Some cancerous and noncancerous growths can appear as lumps behind the ear.

Leukemia:Some blood cancers can affect the lymph nodes, which are small glands where infection-fighting cells live, and can appear as a lump behind the ear.

trauma related Swelling behind the ear can also be caused by an injury to that area.

You may have hit your head and then noticed a form of swelling. This swelling is caused by a collection of blood or fluid under the skin and may be associated with bruising and tenderness.

Treatments for swelling behind the ear home treatment
If the swelling behind the ears has started gradually and isn’t particularly bothersome, there are some tests you can do at home to ease the symptoms.

When to see a doctorIf the swelling behind the ears is related to the following symptoms or factors, you should seek medical attention within the next few days.

when there is an emergencyIf swelling behind the ears is related to any of the following symptoms or factors, you should seek medical attention immediately:
PreventionAlthough many causes of swelling behind the ear cannot be prevented, some routine healthy habits can reduce the risk of some causes.

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