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Pleasure Secrets Of Ancient Indian Ladies


The beauty secrets of Indian women are in this article… Today we will share with you some Indian beauty secrets that have been used by women for a long time. It was all natural and gave them smooth, flawless skin. All cosmetics today apparently contain the following ingredients, but they also contain many chemicals. Try using the following abdominal tools, like ancient Indian treats. Here are some amazing beauty secrets from ancient India that these 21st century ladies should know. Pleasant ancient secrets without side effects are with you in our article…

Pleasure Secrets Of Ancient Indian Ladies

If you’re looking for highly effective ‘chemical-free’ sweetness secrets that can work wonders overnight, you’ve come to the real place. Tired of buying these artificial cosmetics that rip off TV commercials? Then you have come to the real place. India is known for its natural friendliness. And the following are ten Indian secrets of sweetness from the lap of mother nature.

The beauty secrets of the women of the world.​ ​

There are no side effects and you won’t be given fake words. All they do is give you more of what you want, faster than you expect. Isn’t that amazing? Read and try it yourself! Here are 10 amazing beauty secrets of ancient Indian ladies that every contemporary lady should know;


  • Treat acne and acne scars.
  • They are the most suitable ingredients for skin care.
  • Boil neem leaves and rub this water on your face with a cotton ball.
  • It is used for an oil-free look.
  • It also has antibacterial properties against dandruff.

Neem face mask recipe for acne.

Take some neem leaves and boil them in water. Dip a cotton ball in water and then apply it evenly on your face. You can also use a neem-yogurt or neem-cucumber face mask to reduce oil on your face.

Neem mask recipe for dry skin

Take a small amount of neem powder and add a few drops of grapeseed oil to it. Apply this paste on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash with cold water.

Neem powder mask for hair problems

Massage the roots of your hair with neem oil. To control dandruff, mix some neem powder with water and apply it to your hair. Let it sit for an hour and then wash your hair with shampoo.


  • Improves skin tone and complexion.
  • Soak saffron in milk overnight, then apply it to your face and remove skin discoloration and blemishes.
  • Try using saffron together with rose water to improve your skin tone.

Saffron mask recipe to tone the skin

Take the required amount of rose water and mix in saffron (until the rose water turns saffron in color). Use cotton to soak up the solution and rub it on your face.

skin lightening mask recipe

Take a few modules of saffron and soak in milk for about 30 minutes. Take a teaspoon of sandalwood powder and add it to the mixture. Apply the pack on your face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. And then wash.


  • Beautify your burn marks.
  • It is antiseptic.
  • Use milk, sandalwood powder and rosewater and honey on your face to remove dirt and impurities.

can heal scars

Since honey has antiseptic and enhancing properties, you can apply raw honey on the burn mark. Systematic application of honey to a burn may leave less scarring than usual.

Honey and lemon mask recipe for skin imperfections​ ​


  • Nourish the hair.
  • Fight against hair loss.
  • Mix the gooseberry powder and lemon juice. Use this to remove dandruff.

Mask recipe to reduce hair loss.

Take 2 teaspoons of gooseberry powder or juice. Squeeze the juice evenly from a fresh lemon. Mix properly and apply on the scalp. Let dry and rinse with warm water.


  • Eliminates wrinkles, cracks and cracked heels.
  • The mixture of turmeric powder, chickpea flour and yogurt is delicious for cracks.
  • For wrinkles, try turmeric, rice powder, raw milk, and tomato juice.
  • Apply a mixture of turmeric and coconut oil on your heels for 15 minutes and you will see the results.


  • The zinc in Lorda moisturizes the hair and makes it soft and smooth.
  • Apply a mixture of almond oil and curdle for 30 minutes to get smooth hair.
  • Apply a mixture of curd, egg, lemon and honey to nourish your hair.

It can help make your hair silky.

Take lemon juice, egg and honey and make a rich paste. Mix the paste with curd and apply it on your hair. Wash your hair after 30 minutes.

chickpea flour

  • Remove blemishes from your skin with a mixture of chickpea flour and cucumber juice.
  • Make your skin glow by applying a mixture of lemon juice, milk, almond powder, and chickpea flour.

Chickpea flour mask for skin blemishes

Take enough cucumber juice and mix it with chickpea flour. Apply this mixture on the affected area. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it off.
These tips are worth trying once and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

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