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Natural mosquito repellent methods


make mosquito repellent There are natural formulas to apply in homes. By applying these systems, it is quite easy to get rid of mosquitoes. Particular attention should be paid to mosquito puddles, which are effective in summer. It is necessary to clean the water that accumulates in the garden and under the pots. Regular cleaning of rain gutters on roofs will also allow you to prevent mosquitoes from entering living areas.

Natural mosquito repellent methods
By making mosquito repellant with herbal methods, it is possible to get rid of chemical problems in ready-to-use repellents. It is very easy to get rid of annoying flies, especially in summer, with homemade mosquito repellents made from natural materials. The plants used as mosquito repellant can be listed as follows;

  • Eucalyptus leaf is boiled and applied to the edges of doors and windows and damp places while the water is hot.
  • Garlic is a very effective insect repellant. 25 cloves of garlic are boiled in 1 liter of water. It is applied to the body by adding baby shampoo to it.
  • Almond oil, basil oil, and geranium oil are mixed together and applied to the body. It is a light method applied especially for babies.
  • The smell of vinegar has a very effective natural mosquito repellent effect. to avoid mosquitoesa glass of vinegar should be applied to the glass edges of the rooms.

You can repel mosquitoes with plants grown in the garden
People who plant Idris grass, false balsam, catnip and rosemary in their gardens may repel mosquitoes.

  • The strong smell of idris grass has the effect of repelling mosquitoes.
  • The citrus aroma that the false balm emits has the effect of repelling mosquitoes.
  • Catnip is a more effective repellant than most insecticides and can be grown fairly easily.
  • The scent of rosemary has a mosquito repellent effect.

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