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mason jar decoration designs


Glass jars are one of the most used items in recycling. Glass jars left over from foods that are frequently consumed in the kitchen, such as jam, canned food, tomato paste, are widely used for food storage.

Small bottles, stamped or shaped jars It is also used in home decoration. Coloring with different paints, decorating with stickers allows you to use it in different areas.

Make candle holders with jars
You can turn your glass jars of different sizes into candle holders by painting them with acrylic paints or nail polishes. room to be used Design and decoration You can paint it in a single color or with a pattern depending on the colors. If you have a lot of unused nail polish, you can make marbled patterns, draw the shapes you want and make wonderful candle holders.

To use nail polish more advantageously, you can dilute it with acetone, get more and paint more jars by diluting nail polish.

Garnish with powdered sugar
make candlesticks After you’ve completely painted the jars you’ve painted with nail polishes or acrylic glass paint, you’re ready to pour granulated sugar all over the surface before it dries. Within a short time, the granulated sugars dry out on the surface and offer incredible sympathy.

Depending on the nature of the paint used, it may take on its color or dry white. You can use glitter or sparkles exactly, and you can make the candle holders you paint more eye-catching.

Making sconces with glass jars
You can make candle holder hangers out of glass jars by purchasing thick wire at hardware or construction equipment stores and DIY stores. Especially small jars in different shapes, appliqueis suitable for

Take two types of medium thickness and easy to bend wire from the mouth of the jar and twist them tightly. After braiding, shape it leaving a loop-shaped space for it to hang comfortably.

You can create a romantic atmosphere by hanging it on the wall in the bathroom, hallway, kitchen or any room you like. It gives an incredibly elegant view in the gardens, on the balcony and the terrace.

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