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”MA’İ” A North Aegean Dream


​ ​ At a nomadic wedding, I decide again that I am a little more related to this place… What was it that dragged you from so far away? Without thinking, “Was it strong enough to leave behind what I have accumulated throughout my life?” He always thought of me as a magical password; From there it goes to my heart, it creates emotion and when it reaches my stomach, it makes the butterflies fly again…

​ ​ We could? Now we were two individuals, what would one do if he wanted to, and we were young.

And the city is too crowded, the people are too cruel, our profit does not reach the city, and the colors are too pale. After all, we had to do it. Then, when our number reached three, after all the IVF treatments we tried to get for years, while we were sleeping in a park, she fell on my belly with her head: “What will our future be for the sake of the trees”; Mi Mira… Now we had a stronger reason to run away, to get away, to reach our dreams. Our baby…

​ ​ Let’s look at all the stories that we envy, in all of them there is a sense of belonging to the land, a hint of anger against capitalism, the most precious of dreams, against lived reality.

We wished we could mingle again with those who escaped from the city and the villagers, and eat the fruit of what we planted in the land, out of a feeling of pure faith, with love without expectations.

​ ​ I can say that our move to Asos Sivrice Bay was rushed.

Backing our decision, we quickly quit (what I gave all my youth to my job when I was a child, like feelings for an ex-girlfriend now). We had to make it happen. ErenKonukevi, which we have started working on changing her name to “Ma’i Sivrice”…

​ ​ How strange that the outcome of some of the decisions we make, whether good or bad, changes throughout life! We set out to work without changing the name of the place where we operate and now we have to change it…

Finally, we left with a job that we believed we could do where we wanted to be…

A personal development adventure in which I participated had just taught me, furthermore, that “the universe applauds the movement, not the opinion”.

Therefore, to act was almost to arrive. Was it really that much? We would learn anyway.

​ ​ We work a lot; We work hard day and night, without saying cold or heat, without saying hunger, tiredness and sleeplessness.

Not with arguments, guessing, we did our best. We work not only for the business, but also to exist here.

We did, but we accommodated in every way. There are people who came to this place where we live in Sivrice years ago, even 20 or 25 years ago.

There are those who love, feel related, even more than us, and even get bored and leave here. North Aegean, virgin lands, clean sea, Kıran people, nomads…

now it means a lot to us. In the first year we came we realized that life did not welcome us as we expected, but was pregnant with different surprises.

Before long, we were deliberately cheated to call ourselves hopeful, snow fell on the mountains we rely on, and even I personally took a great test against my greatest anxiety, in this geography that I thought would never be possible.

However, we found out that we will have a baby together, again! Another angel who has chosen to come to us on purpose….

​ ​ I am writing against a sea that dazzles my eyes with its brilliance, my beloved is swimming in the sea with my girl.

The wind howls slightly as I sip my coffee on the terrace of the restaurant we operate; as if I could write and explain pages and pages…

​ ​ How will Erenkonukevi mean a long life for me and my family? Changing her name to Ma’i Sivrice won’t change the fact that we started with her.

Our hearts blow the spirit that will take us from the places where we were born, know and are to here… Being living in Sivrice probably does not mean that we will die here (we already lost our sense of belonging to places and places by escaping from the big city), but here I learned Lodos and Poyraz.

Here I saw the vegetables I planted grow.

​ ​
my children; I now have two daughters and they both walked here first…

I was sure once again that we would stand firm when the world changed when I was by my girlfriend’s side.

Here I learned that I had the physical strength to work for about 20 minutes without sitting in my seat, with an estimated 4-5 hours of sleep (and split because I was breastfeeding) for months.

When it all ends at night, when I close Eren Restaurant and head to the Guesthouse, I still have tears in my eyes as I get out of the car and turn my head to the sky.

The world, what a lovely place you really are! Full moon, new moon, setting sun, rising sun; Like I have never seen in 41 years. What about the Kıran Villages I fell in love with, the village weddings, the synchronized harmonies of the men I thought sat in the cafe all day in one move? Then the neighborhood meetings, the walks with Mira jumping on the rocks when summer ends and she calms down.

Beyond all this, the reinforcement that our family gave us; our mothers and my other half twin, our friends.

Being here is our choice, a way of life my daughters will probably question years later.

In particular, it is difficult to predict in advance what will be the reflection on them. For now, though, I have a 3.5-year-old daughter who climbs a tree, eats fruit off a branch, learns to be friends with adults, doesn’t confuse self-assurance with spoiled brat, and has a mustache that follows her closely. . heart.

​ ​ The dream of the North Aegean is not a dream, it is a choice.

Decide what to buy with what. Come back to earth and yourself.

A choice that has a path, if you will. Learning olives in the dream of the North Aegean, learning to respect silence and nature, eating pleasantly and naturally… Nowadays, we look forward to those who will drop here to experience it without settling here entirely.

. Who knows, we hope to see you in these special moments…

​ ​

Pension Eren -Altuğ – Sinem – Mira -Arya




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