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Is makeup harmful?


Many women wear makeup during the day to look fresher and feel better. There are different makeups to go to work, when they want to go out to do their daily work, to get together with friends or to feel competent at home during the day. Although each of them has a different objective, the result is that women feel good.

makeup techniques
how to make up The answer to the question is quite. Since there are different techniques for each face line, the techniques vary according to how people want to look.

  • effective eyes,
  • vivid eyes,
  • thick lips,
  • effective eyelashes,
  • The makeup techniques to be applied are also changing compared to the area to be highlighted, such as prominent cheekbones. With the actual makeup technique, it is possible to remove blemishes. makeup tricks to reduce the noseWhile it can be done, small-eyed women can look like big-eyed.

Tips for applying makeup
Before starting makeup, every woman should prepare the materials that are suitable for her. While there are valuable accessories like foundation, eye shadow, mascara, pens, and lipstick to use on the tools, there are also valuable accessories to apply them. makeup brushes and their functions must be known by women. The foundation brush is different than the blush brush.

What a lady should know:

Necessary tools for makeup. must be prepared correctly. Knowing the brushes to use for each material also ensures that your makeup is accurate.

Is makeup harmful?
Does makeup damage the skin? It is one of the topics that arouses the curiosity of women. In addition to not putting on makeup with quality braces, sleeping in makeup and not cleaning your skin during the day will certainly damage your skin.

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