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How to make lampshade in residence? screen examples


You can transform your existing old screens or buy a screen system and design the hat parts to your own shape. Production of screens at home.You can use leftover fabrics, threads, cardboard or paper with plastic content.

You can reflect your own style with all the materials that can be decorative elements, and you can produce unique lampshades according to your home decoration.

Screen decoration methods
One of the most suitable ways to cover the frame of the screen is the fabric covering. You can decorate with velvet and taffeta fabrics or colored tulle. First, decide which room you will use it in.

For example, darker shades and thick fabrics can be used in the bedroom, but an uncanny light distribution can be achieved at the light beam source. More transparent fabrics and thick tulles can be covered for use in the salon.

Manufacture of fabric screens
transformation at home To make yourself a fancy lampshade, cut the fabric that you will use to cover the frame of the hat, leaving at least 2cm at the edges. Curl and glue the top part first with fabric glue.

When matching the bottoms of the fabric you are cutting against the shape of the screen, be careful that the fabric is taut and adhered properly. You can drape pleated fabric according to your design, or you can make it into a wrap pattern instead of gluing it, using it as long 2cm-thick strips before cutting the fabric.

screen manufacturing When you wrap the skeleton cover, you can sew it to join the final part. You can color it with fabric roses, sequins and sequin embroidery.

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