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How to increase breast milk? Why is breast milk discontinued?


A person who wants to increase breast milk. ; It should be fed protein and calcium. You should never skip breakfast. Foods like dried figs, blackstrap molasses, spinach, Swiss chard, and black cabbage should be eaten frequently. You should avoid raw vegetables, sugary drinks and sweets, and excessive consumption of tea and coffee.

Things to know about breast milk

breast milkHere are some of the things you should know:

  • from your chest its operating principle is the advice to fill as it empties. Although it is hormonal in the first weeks, it provides production since it is filled with a mechanical operation in the following weeks.
  • When enough calories and fluids are ingested, the mother’s needs are met first, and then milk production occurs. If you don’t take in enough calories and fluids; Once the mother’s need is satisfied, milk production cannot take place.
  • The measure that comes out when milking with a breast pump is much less than when the baby sucks.
  • Intimacy with the child is a condition that increases milk production.
  • to breastfeedAfter the start of the first three, milk production does not follow an order, but after three months, only enough milk for the baby begins to be produced.
  • During the menstrual period, milk production is less than before.
  • It is a mistake to think that the leakage of milk from the breast depends on the production of enough milk. This is a situation related to the structure of the nipple.

Why is breast milk discontinued?

There is a decrease or cessation of milk in mothers who feed irregularly, who are under stress and who experience severe suffering. Breastfeeding is recommended even if breast milk is reduced. In case of a problem with the nipple, a doctor should be consulted.

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