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How to do the Dukan diet?


dukan diet ; french nutritionist pierre dukanIt is something that is found and shared by other people. diet program . With the Dukan diet book, which was released in the US in 2011, many people became aware of this diet. The 4-step version of this diet program and the foods to eat are listed in this book. dukan diet; protein It is a diet that recommends a loaded diet. Goal; It is moving away from a carbohydrate-laden diet and organizing a protein-laden diet.

How to do the Dukan diet?
The Dukan diet consists of the following 4 stages:

  • Attack stage: Although it varies according to the weight of the person, it is generally a period that lasts between 2 and 10 days. During this period, the person should consume only pure protein and oatmeal bread. In this process, only one and a half tablespoons of carbohydrates per day are allowed. In this period, at least 20 minutes a day should be exercised in one on one.
  • Cruise phase: It is the phase in which 32 allowed vegetables can be consumed in addition to those eaten in the attack stage. The contribution of carbohydrates in the first phase is two tablespoons in this phase, and it is expected that the respite from the sport will increase to 30 minutes.
  • Consolidation phase: In addition to those that can be eaten during the cruise stage; It is the phase where the consumption of foods such as cereal bread, fruit and cheese is allowed. Your goal is to keep the weight off. It is the stage that should be applied for 10 times the total weight lost up to this stage.
  • Protection level: This stage, which begins once the consolidation phase has been overcome, coincides with the process that runs through the person’s life. This is the stage where what has been done up to now is still being done motamot.

What Do Dukan Dieters Say?
Individuals who apply the Dukan diet systematically and without interruption; 5.5 in 5 days at the beginning kilo but then they keep the weight they lost. Therefore, the most difficult cycle of this diet is the first stage. Also, people who are on a diet do not feel hungry in this process.

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