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How should baby care be in summer?


While sweltering hot weather is very difficult for adults, babies are more affected by the exhausting heat. How should baby care be in summer? What should be done so that the baby does not get rashes and rashes in the summer?

How should baby care be in summer?
Children under 3 years of age are more affected than adults by the heat of the summer months. While your body, which is trying to harmonize with the world, is fighting against the heat, skin problems can occur due to problems such as sweating and shortness of breath. What should be taken into account in the care of your baby in summer?

let your skin breathe
It is valuable for the skin, which has a very thin structure, that the baby’s skin breathes. When using diapers, choose quality, breathable products. Ventilate your skin during the day.

Choose the right clothes
Prefer fine cotton fabrics so that the sweaty baby does not get sick and his skin can breathe. Make sure to take spare clothes with you when you go out. If the baby sweats frequently, change it as soon as possible.

shower every day
Skin sweating can cause skin problems such as rashes and rashes that make the baby restless. Take a shower with lukewarm water every day. Dry the baby well after the shower. Use diaper cream or powder as a preservative.

Drinking water
Don’t forget to drink water after feeding your baby. The baby who drinks little but constantly water will not become dehydrated. The stability of your body’s water is regulated.

protect from the sun
Don’t take your baby outside when the sun is strongest. When going out, definitely use sunscreens specially produced for babies.

Pay attention to sleeping materials
Babies sweat more while they sleep. Make sure the pillows and sheets you use are made of thin, cotton fabrics. Ventilate the room frequently. If the bed is wet with sweat after the baby wakes up, change the bedding.

Protect from diarrhea
Heat-affected babies will have diarrhea more quickly. Give liquid nutritional supplements to the baby with diarrhea. Drink natural juices and water appropriate to age. Make sure the food you eat is healthy. Don’t give him heavy food. Do not choose pools and seas that you are not sure about their cleanliness for the baby. Consult a doctor in cases of persistent diarrhea.

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