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How does the flu affect allergic children?


Allergic children have flu. more likely than normal children. According to expert opinion, it is stated that the risk of contracting a respiratory tract infection in allergic children is higher than that of normal children. exactly allergic children flu faster than normal children. Since the flu causes allergies, allergic children who have the flu also develop allergies at the same time. This weakens the child’s defense system. seen in allergic children high fever in the flu and flu symptoms can be found. The first thing to do is to feed the child with foods and mixtures that will strengthen the child’s defense system and reduce the risk of flu.

Importance of the influenza vaccine in allergic children

Influenza vaccine for allergic children occupies a more valuable place than ordinary children. In particular, children with respiratory allergies should definitely get a flu shot. . Cold and flu medicine for children effect is sufficient up to a certain point. Influenza vaccination is very important to prevent the spread of influenza, to prevent deaths due to serious complications, to reduce influenza mutations that will occur as a result of the long-term continuation of the influenza epidemic, to reduce the need for hospitalization and intensive care, to ensure the continuity of children in school and to prevent the flu from worsening due to allergic causes. However, children who are allergic to eggs and chicken should not be vaccinated against the flu.

When should children be vaccinated against influenza?

Influenza vaccine for allergic children It should definitely be done before the start of the epidemic. The influenza vaccine must have an incubation period of at least 2-3 weeks for its effect to appear. For this reason, doctors say that the vaccine should be given in the fall, especially in October. in allergic children good mixes for the fluIn addition, the appearance of the flu can be prevented by applying the following methods:

  • Avoid close contact of the child with people who have the flu
  • Allow the child to rest at home
  • Put a mask on the child
  • Always wash your child’s hands
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