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2019 models in girls’ rooms It comes with very colorful and useful tools. Especially in rooms where beige, light gray and white colors predominate, orange is preferred as an eye-catching color.

The pink color loses its effect!
In the girls’ rooms of 2019, pink gives way to bright oranges and bold reds. Children’s rooms with bunk beds The iron stairs that connect the two beds are replaced by light steps that can be used as a bookcase. In addition, it is seen that modules that can be used by all ages and that can be transformed into a youth room with light touches are preferred. Especially the girl who is prepared with light material and oval details children’s rooms designed to minimize accidents. Hanging a random painting in children’s rooms with colorful wallpapers and patterns is not in the middle of this year’s trendy decorations. Instead, small animal figures invite children to delight in the beds of shabby decorated rooms. Also, due to the latest warnings from orthopedic doctors, this year has been especially mild. models of children’s bedsIt preferred.

Fairy tale in the room with LED lights
For princesses who want to experience the land of fairy tales in their room, open led lights on the walls are very trendy this year! Specifically, you can design a fashionable room by decorating a wall with LED lights, which you will cover with photos of your princess. Also, even if we say that the pink color has lost its effect, the pink-gray harmony still maintains its pleasure. You can decorate the room using the color pink and light gray in the middle. Girl children’s room and pricesYou can visit furniture stores to

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