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First time success with a true diagnosis in IVF


When it comes to IVF treatment, many systems can be listed. Do these treatment systems differ according to the causes of infertility, whether the problem is on the female or male side?

So how will you decide which is the most suitable and successful IVF treatment method for you?


If we list the most important causes of infertility and the treatment formulas for suffering, the inability to have a baby despite being wanted, which is probably the beginning of the most common health problems of our time and which affects thousands of pairs every year;

1. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Polycystic ovary syndrome, which is one of the most common causes of inability to get pregnant today, has been on the rise, especially with a sedentary lifestyle and uncontrolled weight gain. Known to be an insulin-based syndrome, PCOS manifests with menstrual irregularities, facial and body hair growth, acne, hair loss, and especially lubrication in the abdomen. Sometimes it is detected only by ultrasound examination.

In women living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, the possibility of natural pregnancy is very low, since ovulation and the menstrual cycle do not develop properly due to ovulation.

Recommended treatment for PCOS: Women with PCOS are the group most likely to get pregnant with IVF, and if there are no problems with the quality of the egg and sperm, standard IVF and ICSI (microinjection) can be used. do quickly and easily. they can be healthy mothers.

2. Endometriosis (chocolate cysts)

Another common problem in women is endometriosis, which affects the quality of the egg and the uterine wall (endometrium). Recommended treatment for Endometriosis: If it can be diagnosed early, IVF or ICSI should be applied immediately. However, if time is spent, the quality of the egg may completely deteriorate, and in this case, special IVF treatments may be required, as standard IVF treatments will not suffice.

3. Poor egg quality and menopause

Due to late career plans or marriages for different reasons, pregnancy plans may be delayed, leading to poor quality or depletion of eggs with advancing age of the woman. Sometimes, women who have to undergo treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy may lose their ovulation functions altogether. Especially women with a family history of early menopause face a much higher risk of early menopause.

Recommended treatment for poor egg quality and menopause: When hormone levels are examined, it can be said that women with high FSH are in the menopausal period, therefore they go one step further than menopause. standard IVF treatments and egg donationtreatment is applied.

4. Sperm disorders

When we look at disorders in sperm, we can group them into state, number, and speed. If the normal (morphological) percentage of sperm is below 4%, the chances of conceiving naturally are very low. In terms of numbers, a low pregnancy baht can be given to 15 million gold again. For men who have sperm at these rates, vitamin supplements should definitely be applied, and if no improvement is achieved, they should be directed to the most appropriate IVF treatment without wasting time.

Recommended Treatment for Sperm Disorders: If the morphology is less than 2%, the most precise treatment is microinjections to be performed with the IMSI device (High Optical Magnification Sperm Selection), also available in our center. In this way, the most suitable spermatozoa for fertilization are selected one by one, magnified 6000 times under a special microscope, and successful pregnancies are obtained even with the lowest spermatozoa.

For low sperm counts, IMSI is again recommended in the same way. However, due to various health problems or genetic factors, in cases where the sperm is completely depleted or does not exist at all, success cannot be achieved even with surgical operations such as drug treatment or Micro-Tese, Unfortunately, success cannot be achieved with standard IVF treatments. In such cases, couples can resort to different techniques.

In all of the above situations or in different health problems that are not mentioned but that affect the pregnancy, an in vitro fertilization specialist or IVF group should be contacted, and detailed information about the treatment process and tests should be obtained. and tests to take.

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