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Fig Diet that Loses 4 Kilos in 3 Days


Lose weight with fresh figs Due to their structure, figs contain a lot of fiber, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, potassium, folic acid, etc. Since it is strong in terms of health, it is healthy and fast weight loss formulas. Thanks to their high fiber content, fresh figs have the function of burning fat, accelerating metabolism and regulating the digestive system.

Fig Diet that Loses 4 Kilos in 3 Days

Figs are in the middle of foods that are low in calories as well as weight loss. 100 g of fresh figs contain 74 calories. The prepared fig diet is based on the healthy properties and low calorie structure of figs. It is based on taking less than the daily requirement of calories and meeting the needs of the body. You just have to follow the diet with natural and healthy figs for 3 days. Half a kilo of figs and 1 kilo of skimmed yogurt should be shared with meals every day for 3 days. You can get rid of 4 kilos at the end of 3 days with a regular diet of fresh figs.

How to use 7 olives and 1 fig?

Diet 7 olives and 1 fig They must first consume 7 olives and then a fig. The most valuable point is to consume them all one after another. It should be applied morning and night for 21 days without medium. Those who eat 7 figs and 1 oliveIt is said that there is no particular constipation problem, and that it helps in weight loss with its metabolic accelerator function.

How much should be used 7 olives and 1 fig?

Those who follow the diet of 7 olives and 1 fig For effective results, they must be applied for 21 days. You will lose at least 10 kilos after 21 days with 7 olives and 1 fig consumed systematically in the morning and at night for 21 days. Also, with the 7 olives and 1 fig cure you use, your skin will also look rejuvenated.

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