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Don’t forget to pack your care items while on vacation!


No matter how big your suitcase is when you go on a summer vacation, you may find it difficult to fit items. If you don’t want to carry all your beauty and care items with you, we’d like to remind you of the valuable care items you’ll need.

hair mask
Since your hair will be worn down by sea and pool water, it can create a dry landscape.

Don’t forget to buy the right conditioner for your hair. The conditioner you choose should have strong moisturizing properties.

Suntan cream
Your sunscreen, which is the most precious care item in the vacation bag, should definitely provide high protection properties.

In the areas where the sun hits it the most, your skin can be much more irritated by the effect of the shock. Skin burns may occur.

After-sun cream or lotion
When you are not exposed to the sun, you should definitely moisturize your skin that is dry from the sun.

Since these work against the abrasive effects of the sun, they are more effective than the usual moisturizer. Another feature of lotions is that they give your skin a natural glow.

hair mousse
You may be curling your hair on the way to work or school, but you may not have time to do it during the hot summer holidays.

It is useful to carry a small hair mousse with you, which will allow you to quickly style your hair.

Vitamin E Moisturizer
Vitamin E helps repair the skin.

Take care of peeling or irritated skin. Try to apply it during the vacation day.

Burn cream
Even if you have sun-sensitive skin, don’t forget to take a precautionary sunburn cream with you.

It can be useful when you go on vacation with your child.

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