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Definition of boiled apple for babies


Boiled apple is the first fruit introduced to babies. Apples are full of vitamins and nutrients that help the baby to grow and develop. Babies become more active day by day, so they need more strength and healthy food to speed up their growth and activity. After six months, we add liquid foods like applesauce and the next step is to cook and puree the apples. Baby boiled apples are easy to digest and easy to prepare. It is a classic definition that many mothers love to do and babies love to consume.

Boiled apple definition Suitable for babies over 6 months!

Boiled apple recipe for toddlers

Apple is an excellent fruit and will give your baby more energy.


  • Apple


  1. First, wash the apple twice.
  2. Now divide the apple into four segments and peel it with the help of a peeler.
  3. Remove the core of the apple with a knife.
  4. Chop the apple into small slices and take out a non-stick frying pan.
  5. Transfer the apple to the pan and turn on the stove.
  6. Add half a glass of water and close the lid.
  7. Cook for 8 minutes and stir medium row.
  8. When you see that the apple is cooking, turn off the stove.
  9. Let them cool down for a few minutes.
  10. Mix the apple with the juice of the cooked apple.
  11. It will turn into a smooth paste.
  12. If necessary, add a little warm water to adjust the consistency.
  13. Boiled apple is ready to eat.
  14. Serve now.

recipe tips

Before you start preparing a healthy definition of boiled apple for your baby, remember the points mentioned below.

  • Do not forget to properly remove the core of the apple.
  • If necessary, use warm water to adjust the consistency of the puree.
  • Use pure water to boil the apple.
  • Peel the apple well with a sterilized peeler and chop it with a sterilized knife.
  • Half a boiled apple or a thick paste of applesauce will be difficult for babies to swallow.

Benefits of boiled applesauce for babies

Here are the health benefits of boiled apple homemade baby food definition…

  • Apple helps digestion due to its high fiber content.
  • The apple is loved by all babies for its sweetness.
  • It is healthy during diarrhea and constipation.
  • The iron in apples also helps strengthen bones.
  • Apple provides strength to babies and is the pillar of baby’s growth.
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