Diet for gastritis: this is what you need to know

Gastritis, an inflammation of the lining of the stomach, can occur in many different ways. Often your stomach is strong enough to cope with ...

Does protein make you gain weight?

A common theory about protein consumption is that it can help prevent and combat obesity by better managing the body's load. Protein breaks ...

How does intermittent fasting affect female hormones?

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Numerous Health Benefits and Nutritional Costs of Pomegranate

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Health benefits of hibiscus tea according to a dietician

Hibiscus tea is delicious, indulgent, and packed with antioxidants that may be responsible for a variety of health benefits. No wonder it was ...

The 6 Healthiest Milks Compared to a Dietitian

Nowadays, you can find a huge number of options in the markets. From cow's milk to dairy-free vegan milk, new creations seem to pop up every ...

Is pea milk healthy?

In this article, we answer questions like what is pea milk, how to prepare it, and how to feed pea milk. Dairy-free milk alternatives have ...

5 benefits of salad that go beyond hydration

Cucumber is one of the tastiest vegetables you can eat. But beyond its crunch and flavor, it's also great for your body, a summer favorite. It ...

5 benefits of lemon tea for weight loss

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High Fat Diet Causes Alzheimer’s and Rampage!

New research shows that fatty foods not only increase your waistline, but can also aggravate Alzheimer's disease, causing depression and fear.An ...

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