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Can a nursing mother eat cultivated mushrooms? Can you eat mushrooms during pregnancy?


Can cultivated mushrooms be consumed during pregnancy? The general answer given by the expert to the question is edible if the type of mushroom to be eaten is reliable. Our country is a country rich in diversity of fungi. Some of the species of edible mushrooms in our country are; Emperor mushroom, morel mushroom, perstica mushroom, oyster mushroom, beef tongue mushroom, shiitake mushroom. Especially mushroom poisoning during pregnancyThe only option for people who do not want to waste time should be cultivated mushrooms.

Is it okay for nursing mothers to eat cultured mushrooms?
Can a nursing mother eat mushrooms? The answer to the question is simply yes. In the investigations carried out by experts, no trace of any poison was found in the cultivated mushroom. The consumption of specially packaged cultured mushrooms will be safer in terms of protecting the health of nursing mothers. Since the cultivated mushroom contains vitamin B, vitamin C and various minerals, it is a rich food that should be preferred by pregnant women and nursing mothers. Furthermore, the most valuable feature of the cultivated mushroom is that it is low in carbohydrates and fats, and high in protein. Mushrooms are a valuable source of protein, which are preferred instead of meat by those who do not have the opportunity to eat meat and do not like to eat meat. However, 70%-75% of these proteins in its content are completely digested by our body.

Is Melki consumed during pregnancy?
Melki, which is a type of dish made from mushrooms, especially in and around Çanakkale, is also known as Çıntar. This dish, which is popular in the North Aegean, is made from a fungus known as melki or çıntar. Can you eat melki during pregnancy? The answer to the question is yes. This variety of mushroom, which grows in the forests and mountains with the rain in spring, is very tasty and very beneficial for health. The melki mushroom, which is very strong in terms of calcium, phosphorous and iron minerals, is also consumed in different forms such as grilled, stir-fried and roasted.

Benefits of mushrooms
Mushrooms, which vegetarians and vegans prefer over meat, have a much higher nutritional cost than other vegetables. Mushrooms, which have a positive effect on the mental development of children, provide you with many necessary amino acids for your body. Since it is a low-calorie food, mushrooms, which are especially preferred by dieters, strengthen their immune system.

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