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best tea for weight loss


With its unique blend of herbs and spices, you can find different types of delicious teas to shed your extra pounds. Tea is a timeless drink.
The tea culture in the diet industry continues under the marketing argument of slimming tea. But you don’t need precious tea leaves to reap the benefits.

6 best teas for weight loss

The tea probably works best for any weight loss plan when combined with enough exercise and a healthy diet. Of course, drinking tea to lose weight is very subjective.

Green Tea

Every conversation about weight loss starts with green tea. A study shows that people who regularly drink two cups of green tea a day have a lower body fat percentage than those who non-systematically drink green tea. It is considered the most effective weight loss tea.

Green tea is rich in catechins, which increase fat burning and speed up metabolism. The nature of green tea to burn calories is a boon for overweight and obese people.

black tea

One of the strongest types of tea on the market, black tea contains enough flavonoids to make it a great beverage choice for people trying to lose weight.

One study shows that drinking flavonoid-rich teas promotes a lower body mass index than low-flavonoid teas. Therefore, steeping black tea leaves in water is a great beverage to support weight management. Also, black tea contains much less caffeine than black coffee as a weight loss diet tip.

White tea

The catechins in white tea and green tea are comparable, making them ideal for weight loss.

Drinking white tea extract hardens the formation of new fat cells and supports the breakdown of existing ones. It is also the least processed tea, which means that white tea retains its fat-burning properties.

oolong tea

Oolong tea is a partially oxidized classic Chinese tea that is lighter than black tea and darker than green tea. It has a fruity taste and a fragrant aroma. Oolong tea promotes weight loss by stimulating metabolism and burning fat.

A clinical study shows that drinking oolong tea at breakfast and lunch for two weeks increases fat burning after meals by 20%. Additionally, oolong tea has antioxidant and lipid-lowering properties that are essential for weight loss.

hibiscus tea

Drinking hibiscus tea provides you with certain plant compounds that help increase fat burning and regulate lipid metabolism genes. For those who don’t like to drink green tea, hibiscus tea is a good choice. Half an hour before the main meals, you should drink 3-4 cups of hibiscus tea daily without adding sugar. You can expect more favorable weight loss results if combined with physical training and diet. Hibiscus extract can keep your weight at a healthier level.

Puerh tea

Unique to Chinese tea culture, Pu Erh tea prevents your body from producing more oil. The best time to drink Pu-erh tea is one hour after a meal, so that the body can rid itself of digestive fats and excess fat. If you drink Pu-erh tea at the wrong time, it will cause you to gain weight. You can experience remarkable weight loss by drinking Pu-erh tea without adding other additives and sweeteners.

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