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Aspects to consider in the transition to complementary nutrients in infants


Points not to forget when transitioning babies to complementary foods especially that the chewing reflex in the baby is not developed now. For this reason, all foods given to the baby should be pureed. Diarrhea when switching to complementary foodsAlthough it is a very common situation, mothers should also take precautions for this, and it should not be forgotten that the need for water in the baby’s body will arise along with the additional food.

Allergy attention!

from mom What should be given first in the transition to complementary feeding When thinking about the topic, you should definitely pay attention to allergies. Since the child will come face to face with a food other than breast milk for the first time, the allergy situation may not be noticed. When uncomfortable situations occur such as rashes on the baby’s skin, frequent and unnecessary crying and skin rashes, it should be considered that the first food that is given can cause them. Some foods with an allergenic effect can be listed as follows:

  • Strawberry
  • Green apple
  • Orange
  • Chocolate
  • Lemon
  • Sharp sweet and sour foods

It can cause allergies.

How to start complementary feeding?

Complementary feeding should be started as much as possible with foods that do not have an obvious taste, are not salty and are not very sweet. Transition time to complementary feeding in infants Although there are small changes in each baby, it is about 6 months. From this month, the baby’s digestive system is ready for additional food. Some foods that can be used in the transition to complementary feeding have the following form:

  • non-sour yogurt
  • Homemade salt-free ground beef soups
  • Mashed sweet fruit puree such as apples and pears
  • 8-9. Food juices without salt and meals taken with a blender from the first month

It can be used in the transition to additional foods.

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