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5 hormones every woman should know


Female hormones act as gatekeepers that regulate signals in the body. Hormones regulate various activities, such as growth, development, reproduction, energy use, storage, and electrolyte stability. They are messengers carried in our body by our circulatory system, exchanging signals from one cell to another. Hormones are vital to the functioning of our bodies, so keeping them stable is invaluable. There are 5 hormones every woman should know about: irisin, estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, and melatonin. Exercise has a role in maintaining healthy hormonal stability.

1. Irisin hormone
The iris is commonly exercise hormone It’s known as an aerobic endurance activity: it’s released during moderate aerobic endurance activity when your cardiorespiratory system is activated and your muscles are working.

Irisin can help us maintain healthy body mass, improve our cognitive function, and slow the aging process. Moderately vigorous activity sessions can increase irisin levels in women. can increase up to 12% . Resistance training, strength training, HIIT and stretching can maximally induce the iris, to achieve this full body every day, 30 minutesI suggest you do a workout.

2. Estrogen hormone
estrogen play It regulates bone growth and cognitive processes such as our attention and memory.

It is produced in adipose tissue and is responsible for the distribution of fat in our body.

It helps us retain water around our joints and increases its synthesis. The most effective way to keep levels stable is to monitor our body mass. In general, it is a disease associated with staying fit and active, cardiovascular fitness, optimization of estrogen metabolism, and high estrogen levels, among other factors. breast cancer protectionIt has many benefits.

3. Cortisol hormone
Cortisol is usually stress hormone It is named.

This is because cortisol production increases under conditions of severe psychophysical stress. What can be done if our level is high? Although many factors affect our body’s hormonal stability, one of the best ways to regulate cortisol levels is to keep it balanced and organized. Signs that your cortisol levels are falling include hair loss, severe reddened skin, osteoporosis, and menstrual cycle irregularities It is found.

Always talk to your doctor, who may recommend a blood test to find out what’s going on.


Testosterone hormone
Testosterone is typically Although we think of it as a male hormonenaturally in the female body It is found.
Testosterone plays a valuable role in muscle growth, repair of female reproductive tissues, and circulation. Women may be alarmed that strength training can make them more muscular, but their bodies are often have much less testosterone than men Therefore, strength training only allows them to add lean body mass and successfully change their body composition.

Full body large muscle movements are a great way to maintain mobility and core strength.

5. The hormone melatonin
Your pineal gland produces a hormone that helps you sleep.

When it gets dark, your brain increases melatonin production to prepare for bedtime. Blue light exposure from computers and portable screens can disrupt your natural sleep system and can affect the quality of your sleep. Physical activity can increase melatonin levels, which can lead to decreased estrogen production, better fat metabolism, and a lower risk of cancer.

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