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3 Ways To Find Ulku Heel Height To Prevent Foot Pain


How to know the length or size of Ülkü high-heeled shoes? High heels have long been blamed for a variety of health problems, from bunions to back pain. But we are not afraid of such disastrous stories! We’re pretty sure girls can and should wear heels. Doctors say, “The most valuable thing is finding a heel height that works for you.” We Ladies Club will show you 3 effective ways to choose the right heel height that you can wear comfortably throughout the day.

1. Faithful heel height for everyday wear

This will help you determine the healthiest heel height to wear to work.

Some doctors say that if you wear it daily, your heels should be no more than 4 cm. Let’s see if this tip is right for you.

2. Your amazing height of heels

The essence of this formula is that full heels are high enough to create an ideal ratio between the length and height of the legs (1.61).

3. Maximum heel height for night use

This guide will help you determine your maximum height: Sit in a chair with your leg extended and straight.

Relax your feet and don’t point your toes. Measure from heel to toe (as pictured). This measurement shows the natural slope of your foot and the ideal height of the heel that you can wear at night.

The maximum shoe height that can be worn for most women is 7 to 9 cm.

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